Digital marketing and online branding are very crucial and common now days and having a personal brand even for a student is very important in new era. Somebody wants to create a personal brand just to establish their identity in the online world and thereby achieve something out of it and somebody wants to make money online by marketing their skills or talents. There are some other group of people who wants to market or publicize their products or brands.

We need to apply different strategies to attain the ultimate results as the goal of above said persons are different and it cannot be fulfilled through a single means.

All these online activities require knowledge and skills in various matters viz general marketing and branding ability, art work, graphic designing, web development, programing, creative writing, copywriting, social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), etc.

Hence advice and guidance of experts from various areas are necessary for the success but it is too expensive and which cannot be affordable by a person with limited budget.

If you want an expert advice for your digital life and have limited money to spent, CLOSE VOICE is the ultimate place to be reached. It is a venture stated to advice and help students, professionals and entrepreneurs to build their presence in the online world with limited resources and money.

Intention and results matter more here rather than money.