While superstars of today have no qualms in romancing heroines half their age, veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah is someone who never ever garnered dreams of being a commercial hero or romancing heroines half his age.

Speaking at Osianama festival, Naseeruddin Shah said, “I never dreamt of being a commercial hero. I never dreamt of romancing girls younger than my daughter.”

Naseeruddin Shah also revealed that he had never entertained any fear of failure as an actor while starting out. “You could call it self-confidence or madness but I was perfectly convinced this is what I wanted to do and so there was no point thinking about what will happen if I don’t succeed,” Naseeruddin told .

For a large part of his career, Naseeruddin carried the tag ‘unconventional’ on his shoulders. When asked if he was happy, Naseeruddin said, “I don’t think I have a choice about that. I suppose it was because my career began with different kind of cinema. I was chosen for those movies. I might have preferred to become a popular kind of an actor and work in the song and dance kinds of movies. That’s not how it happened. So my being labeled unconventional is not my doing.”

The veteran actor also remarked that being friends with other actors was difficult. “Actors are insecure people including me. It is not possible to be friends with other actors. I can’t really claim that I am friendly with other actors. The friends who I have are not from the profession of acting.”